WHEDA Impact Page

Rough sketch of Impact sections

WHEDA has served the residents of Wisconsin for more than 45 years. In that time, they have accomplished great things. Calling attention to WHEDA's successes is important, so Marketing requested an infographic-like page be created.

The page features high level numbers, along with icons for individual programs. These static icons were created by WHEDA's Creative Services Coordinator.


After the Creative Services Coordinator turned the icons over to me, I used CSS animations to add motion to each one. A tractor now plows back and forth across a field for agriculture numbers, while foundation grants are represented by small investments growing into bigger and bigger funds.

Screenshot of the Impact sections.


WHEDA did not have an impact page prior to this, so no comparison of traffic/pageviews can be made, however, the page recieves steady traffic, which is unusual for a marketing page.

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